Postpartum Healing
Often times, there is so much hype about getting pregnant, annoucing pregnancy, gender reveal, showers, labor, birth and rightfully so! In my experience families often feel forgotten about once baby is earthside. This is only the begnning.

The first 6 weeks postpartum is called perinatal. Perinatal is a transistional time, in which often difficulites arise causing new mom's to feel inadequate, confused, tired, depressed. Take back postpartum with just a little bit of help.

We offer tailored packages which provide you the information and support to physically, mentally and spiriutally take back postpartum!
Common things we help with perinatal:

Mind, Body, Spirit Healing:

-Pubic symphysis diastasis
-Diastasis recti
-Lactation consultation
-Newborn help
-Help in the home
-Facilitating a lay-in period

Our postpartum packages start with an hourly rate and for current and past clients we waive our consultation fee.

Our basic package is 10 hours of in-home postpartum and lacation services but range signifcantly.

We also offer postpartum yoga private classes, body movement, meditation and elastic therapeutic tape.

We host a quarterly postpartum workshop at Aloha Yoga Studio .
Did you know?

Balinese women are not allowed to enter the kitchen until the baby’s cord stump has fallen.

Dutch maternity nurses make postpartum visits every day for the eight days after childbirth.

In Mexico, the ritualized interlude, or the cuarentena, goes for 40 days, or long enough for the womb to return to its place.

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Postpartum pain?
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