Breastfeeding questions?

How Will I Know if My Baby is Getting Enough Milk?
Babies who are nursing well and getting enough milk are:

Sucking actively for 10-20 minutes on each breast and act satisfied after a feeding
Swallowing during the feeding
Nursing 8 to 12 times every 24 hours, during the day and night

Having wet diapers and stools as follows:

1 stool and 1 wet diaper during the first day
2 to 3 stools and 2 to 3 wet diapers per day in the first 2-3 days of age
3 stools and at least 6 wet diapers per day after 4 days of age (Stools are at least the size of a quarter)

Regaining their birth weight by 10 to 14 days of age.

It is important to have close follow up with your baby’s doctor to monitor your baby’s progress and weight gain.
If you think your baby is not nursing well, please call us and your baby’s doctor for help.

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What if My Nipples are Sore?

The best way to prevent and cure sore nipples is to make sure baby opens his mouth wide and pull him onto your breast so close that his nose and chin are touching your breast.

Your nipples may get sore if baby does not take a big mouthful of breast.
Do not use soap on your nipples.
To take baby off your breast, first break the suction by putting a clean finger between his lips and your breast.
Use a different position each feeding. Alternate between the football hold, lying down and holding the baby next to your tummy.

If your nipples are sore:

put some breat milk on the nipples after feeds and allow your breasts to air dry. Try to keep clothing off breasts for the first few days postpartum,
Be patient. With good positioning and time, your nipples will feel better in a few days. If not, please call

And check out these references .

Our clients say:
"Thanks for the follow-up email! :) 
Block feeding is going better than I could have imagined. 
I blocked off for a week, after that one crazy day I emailed about, and this week I've been able to feed like normal. Only offering one side per
The letdowns are a little strong but she can remain latched through them. The spitting up is SIGNIFICANTLY less in volume and frequency. I've not felt overly full or had any twinge of a clog since. 
So. Much. Relief. 
Thank you!"

November 2017

My Milk is in and My Breasts are so Full

Feed your baby every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. It is okay to wake your baby up and offer him the breast. Avoid giving your baby any bottles. The more your baby nurses, the more comfortable you will be.

If your breasts are so full that your baby cannot latch on, take one or two minutes to squeeze some milk out with your fingers. This will soften the area behind the nipple so your baby can latch on. Do this right before feeding your baby. For some women, this is easier to do in a warm shower.

If your baby cannot latch onto your breast, please call us at 808-388-5985 , for help.
The fullness will go away in about 1 week, but you will still have plenty of milk as long as your baby is nursing every 3 hours or more often.

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