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Shine Birth Services
   Proudly serving the island of O'ahu since 2014. Shine Birth Services is a co-op of Birth and Postpartum Doulas, Registered Yoga Teachers and Placenta Encapsulators ready to serve you.
        Shine Birth Services was founded to empower families through their birthing experiences. Every birth is beautiful, every birth is normal and every women should have the support she requires so she can birth without fear.


        Shine Birth Services offers prenatal and postpartum doula packages, private yoga classes, massage and aroma therapy, mother's blessings, birth workshops, placenta encapsulation and more!

        Shine Birth Services seeks to provide outstanding birth services. It is our goal to meet and exceed the needs of families as they enter parenthood again and again. We will perform our job with excellence and integrity, knowing that those we serve deserve the best.

         Families of all configurations, beliefs, and birth plans are welcome.